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Index of: /openbsd/6.2/alpha/

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Parent directory/--
BUILDINFO 542017-Oct-04 00:18
INSTALL.alpha 55K2017-Oct-04 00:18
SHA256 18062017-Oct-04 03:06
SHA256.sig 19692017-Oct-04 03:06
base62.tgz 97M2017-Oct-03 23:50
boot 42K2017-Oct-03 22:42
bootxx 76802017-Oct-03 22:42
bsd 9M2017-Oct-03 23:46 9M2017-Oct-03 23:46
bsd.rd 3M2017-Oct-04 00:18
cd62.iso 3M2017-Oct-04 00:18
comp62.tgz 48M2017-Oct-03 23:51
game62.tgz 3M2017-Oct-03 23:51
index.txt 14872017-Oct-04 03:06
install62.iso 243M2017-Oct-04 03:01
man62.tgz 7M2017-Oct-03 23:51
miniroot62.fs 3M2017-Oct-04 00:18
netboot 57K2017-Oct-03 22:42
netboot.mop 62K2017-Oct-03 22:42
xbase62.tgz 18M2017-Oct-04 02:58
xfont62.tgz 38M2017-Oct-04 02:59
xserv62.tgz 7M2017-Oct-04 02:59
xshare62.tgz 4M2017-Oct-04 03:00 is accessible over IPv4 and IPv6 via ftp, http, https, and rsync.

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